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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Predator & Vampire: Do these words define us or limit us?

While reading through the hugely successful debate on the post called "How much do Mundanes really know?" by Melita Demetriou on Tantric Vampires, I want to pose some questions for the purpose of getting input on personal experiences.

While the above post dug into how members define and feel about using the word "mundane" to describe non-vampires, other words, such as "predator", "vampire", and "feeding" bring about just as many strong reactions from different individuals. These words, and many others, have different meanings also depending on community standard. Either way, my point is that these words have become tainted and can cause negative stigma. Do we really want to continue to identify by words that may not fully express who we are, what we stand for, and what we do?

For the past few years, I've found myself at odd with the majority of community "norms". I've never considered myself to be a follower so blending in with the "cool kids" really isn't my thing. The most important aspect of my spiritual path is that of my evolution. I constantly evolve. When I first awakened as a vampire, that term resonated with me and considering I met other vampires who were so much like me, I felt that I had finally found my place. Then, I met my soul mate and another part of me awakened, a part I never knew existed -- the lycanthrope. As I went forward, I felt that my identify as wolf was much stronger and much more suited to me. It hadn't occurred to me at that time, but now when I look back I can clearly see that it was part of my evolution. I was embracing yet another aspect of myself. As souls, we are dynamic, we don't have to stay grounded as one, we can explore and become anything and everything!

For me, the terms mentioned above have become limiting. While I am still the same person and still evolving, I am changing how I choose to identify myself. Going forward, I will only refer to myself as an Energist. This word not only describes what I do as an energy worker, but also encompasses all of my Selves (vampire, lycanthrope, human).

My questions to you are:

  1. How do you personally define "predator"?
  2. How do you personally define "vampire"?
  3. Are either one or both of these words definitive of your complete being? 

I look forward to your answers!
Saturday, March 3, 2012


*This post is dedicated to Christi. Thank you for your love, friendship, acceptance, and encouragement to be ME!

I have been running through many different blog topics in my head lately but hadn't really felt that one stood out above the others. I find that maintaining a regular blogging schedule can be difficult for me as I need to be stimulated and passionate -- in the moment, so to speak.

In the past month, I have spent considerable time pondering the relationship between how society views vampires,therians, and otherkin (V/T/O) and the similarities between the often misunderstood lives of transgender individuals. The physical body, or as I refer to it, our "anchor", serves as a shell to the soul. As a Vampire, a Wolf, and a transman, the challenges of being in a body that does not match that of my heart, mind, and soul can be stressful, to say the least.

My sources of inspiration for this post are those who love me -- my friends and extended family. Revealing oneself as V/T/O is as trying as coming out of the transgender closet, so to speak. After many years of struggle with being an out and proud transman, as well as an outspoken advocate for the V/T/O community, I have "come into being", evolving to a state in which I have fully embraced myself in all capacities and am being embraced by those who I love.

Another source of inspiration was reading Justin MacGregor's blog post on Evolver entitled "Going Beyond Genders" in which his last two sentences truly spoke to me.

It's safe to say that almost everyone would benefit from moving through life with more simplicity of heart. The proper synthesis of both heart and head will allow us to transcend genders and coexist in harmony.

What Justin's post said to me was that we must all transcend not only gender, but move beyond the stereotypes that place limitations of our Being in general. Coexisting in harmony -- that means all gender variances, all soul variances, and all physical variances. In this process, we become One with each other and with the Universe, truly evolving into a more spiritually balanced individual.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lupercalia for the Modern Wolf

The ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, or the "Wolf Festival", is said to have been celebrated every year between the 13th and the 15th of February to honor Lupa, the she-wolf who suckled Romulus and Remus, the city's founders, after they had been orphaned. Other reasons for this festival included ensuring fertility, warding off evil spirits, and the purification of the city and her people. The festival is also associated with the modern "holiday" of Valentine's Day. Originally, a fertility ritual was performed so that the women of Rome could conceive children easily.

While red roses and delicious chocolates are a hallmark for the modern celebration of Valentine's Day, the ancient festival began with a sacrifice of two male goats and a dog performed by the Luperci ("brothers of the Wolf") followed by a rite in which two young members would strip naked, brandish strips of skin from the earlier sacrifices, and run amuck, striking women who would line up to receive lashings from the pair in order to better their chances of pregnancy and eliminate the pains of childbirth.

History and tradition are important in ritual, yet it is impossible for the modern lycanthrope to follow the festival of Lupercalia to the letter. First, we do not condone the sacrifice of animals, or any other living creature, for that matter. And secondly, running throughout the streets naked, touching women in a sexual manner will most likely land you a trip to the local police station, as it should! One of the most important points to remember is that with time, rites should be updated to better suit current societal expectations. Simply put, it is positive and healthy to update our practices to best suit us in the here and now. This includes respect and reverence for all individuals and animals. Our ancestors and predecessors in the art of sorcery created these rituals as a means that best suited their time and their need, thus we must do the same!

Today we can honor Lupa by honoring the Wolf within and in its natural habitat. Focal point should be on the preservation of, health and well being of, and continued vitality of wolves in the wild. Wolves are currently in danger of becoming extinct--again! By sending forth our Will and energy into the Universe, we are contributing to the longevity of ourselves as well as our four legged brothers and sisters. Another point in practicing a modern festival of Lupercalia is that of strengthening our bonds, both spiritually and physically, with the Wolf. On a physical, dayside level, we can donate our time, energy, and money to wolf sanctuaries throughout the world who have dedicated their lives to ensuring a healthy environment for wolves. With our spiritual, nightside time we should mediate, connecting with the spirit of the wolf within us. Our connection with these beautiful creatures in nothing short of sacred and must be treated as such. Lastly, our modern rite should include continued growth and understanding of ourselves so that we may further evolve, embracing the Wolf within. Always remember to HOWL! You will be heard!
Friday, February 10, 2012

The Parallels of Luciferianism & Vampirism

It can be said that the Vampiric and Luciferian paths are quite similar. The goals of enlightenment, evolution and immortality are shared, as are the pursuits for knowledge and the advancement of mental and physical capabilities.

The Vampire is an archetype some identify with while moving forward in their personal quest. While many within the modern vampire community do not associate with or practice Luciferianism, or other LHP studies for that matter, those of us who do acknowledge the similarities of the two paths find ourselves incorporating aspects of both into our daily rituals.

The Vampire is often portrayed as a creature of darkness, foregoing any association with the light (sun). This may be the case in popular fiction novels and Hollywood dramas, but for the serious practitioner of Vampirism, the ultimate goal of immortality and a deep love of life propels them into the light of knowledge, experience and thus aids in their evolution.

Many vampires in the "scene" claim to be Pagan, worshipping the gods and goddesses of old. Where as they may prefer embracing their dark nature, it runs parallel with their light nature, a truth that many refuse to accept. This I believe is due to the stereotypes of vampires in the media and in society.

Lucifer is still thought of by many outside the Christian faith to be "evil". May Wiccans and Pagans have refused to even acknowledge the Universal energies of Lucifer as they feel he represents negativity. Part of my own evolution was getting past the Christian and Pagan mindset that the demons of organized religion are much more than Satan's minions!

There are phrases that I think of when I talk to others about Lucifer and Vampires. One is "don't judge a book by its cover", another is "seek and ye shall find". Illumination begins, in my opinion, when we lift the veil of ignorance from ourselves and go forward seeking our own truths. Until we break free of society's stigma concerning what is "dark" and what is "light", what is "evil" and what is "good", we will never truly be free of fear of the unknown and will unfortunately remain slaves to the idea of Lucifer as a tormentor and Vampires as blood thirsty monsters.
Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Howling

The Howling - A Lycanthrope Full Moon Rite

The Howling is a full moon rite performed for the purpose of connecting with our inner Wolf and calling out to our Pack.

Preparation for this rite is quite simple. Once the moon is shining brightly, high in the sky, find a quiet place in nature. This does not have to be a large piece of Earth, but space enough for you to sit or lie on the ground with the moon in full view. When possible, find a place that is lit only by the moonlight. Wear as little clothing as possible (skyclad is preferable), walking barefoot to your desired location.

As you walk, be aware of how the Earth feels under your bare feet. Think of the wolf as you walk through the night. Once you have found your spot, assume a comfortable sitting position on the ground. Close your eyes, allowing your muscles to relax and take in the night air. Use your sense of smell to take in the many scents of the night. Imagine the wolf sniffing the air.

After a few moments, eyes still closed, turn your attention to the nearby sounds. Focus on how many you can identify, determining the directions from which they originate and their sources. Gradually listen for more distant sounds. Envision the wolf standing quietly, listening intently.

Slowly open your eyes, allowing them to adjust to the moon's light. As you begin to look around, take note of as many visual details as you can about your surroundings. Pay close attention to any animals or people nearby and observe them. Look, as the wolf would, at potential dangers or opportunities.

Now that you have focused on each of your senses individually, combine them and allow yourself to feel as wolf in your natural environment. As you breathe in, feel the anticipation of the night ahead and of reuniting with your pack. As this excitement builds, begin slowly taking deep breaths, that quicken as you stand to your feet. Inhale and exhale. You may wish to move around as you build energy, filling your lungs full of air in order to release the energy raised into your howl. The reason for movement and for controlled breathing are you to essentially be invigorated. When you howl, you want to project your energy in the same way an athlete would thrust a javelin through the air. If you stand in place and attempt to howl without first raising energy, there is little release or projection of energy or emotion.

It is understandable that there may be times when you cannot let out a loud howl. This is alright, as you can still complete the steps and project your energy without releasing sound. Although you may not be comfortable going outside during a storm or in the cold, remember that these are the same elements the wolf faces. If you absolutely cannot go outside, you may perform the rite indoors however it will lose some of its power. The key factor in this rite is to be the wolf and to be able to communicate with your pack. Best results are achieved in a natural habitat.

The consumption of meat is advised for the purpose of grounding following this rite. Your choice of meat will determine how it should be prepared. When selecting beef, prepare it as rare as possible with pink or red in the center but thoroughly enough to avoid bacterial food poisoning. If preparing a meat other than beef, please cook thoroughly. It is preferable that you eat outside in your chosen space. This will further enable you to connect with wolf in a natural environment.

 © Copyright 2009 Arden von Wolfe & Lucien von Wolfe. All rights reserved.
Thursday, February 2, 2012

In the beginning...

Welcome to The Xen Predator! For my first post, I thought it only fitting that I tell you a bit about myself and what you can expect to read here. I'm Lucien von Wolfe, Vampire and Wolf. Many of you may be familiar with me from my involvement in the online vampire community (OVC), specifically through the creation of Tantric Vampires. In more recent years, I've spent a considerable amount of time exploring my predatory nature and embracing the Wolf within. I've also been involved with the occult community in various ways for the past 20 years.

The Xen Predator will be filled with my experiences in working spiritually with the natural predatory aspects of vampirism and lycanthropy.  This material is the result of many years of practice, trial and error, both before and after my vampiric and lycanthropic awakening. This blog will serve as an educational forum as well as a look into the stigma of community, the media and how we may be affected by it, and various topics of interest within both the vampire and therian communities. I welcome constructive comments and topic suggestions. My goal is to stimulate thought and spiritual evolution.

I chose the name The Xen Predator to serve as the representation of the natural predatory state and finding balance in being true to your predatory nature. As a realist, I can assure you that I will challenge your ideas and opinions on what is, or isn't, predatory in reference to vampirism and lycanthropy, however, I am not the end-all-say-all on any topic. I encourage you to research on your own, trust your gut instincts and take what resonates with you to make it part of your personal path.

If you're seeking "werewolves" who make claims of physical shape shifts during the full moon, or perhaps vampires as the "undead", this probably isn't the blog for you. I can point you to the Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror section of your local bookstore though.

That being said, I welcome you to The Xen Predator!

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