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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Predator & Vampire: Do these words define us or limit us?

While reading through the hugely successful debate on the post called "How much do Mundanes really know?" by Melita Demetriou on Tantric Vampires, I want to pose some questions for the purpose of getting input on personal experiences.

While the above post dug into how members define and feel about using the word "mundane" to describe non-vampires, other words, such as "predator", "vampire", and "feeding" bring about just as many strong reactions from different individuals. These words, and many others, have different meanings also depending on community standard. Either way, my point is that these words have become tainted and can cause negative stigma. Do we really want to continue to identify by words that may not fully express who we are, what we stand for, and what we do?

For the past few years, I've found myself at odd with the majority of community "norms". I've never considered myself to be a follower so blending in with the "cool kids" really isn't my thing. The most important aspect of my spiritual path is that of my evolution. I constantly evolve. When I first awakened as a vampire, that term resonated with me and considering I met other vampires who were so much like me, I felt that I had finally found my place. Then, I met my soul mate and another part of me awakened, a part I never knew existed -- the lycanthrope. As I went forward, I felt that my identify as wolf was much stronger and much more suited to me. It hadn't occurred to me at that time, but now when I look back I can clearly see that it was part of my evolution. I was embracing yet another aspect of myself. As souls, we are dynamic, we don't have to stay grounded as one, we can explore and become anything and everything!

For me, the terms mentioned above have become limiting. While I am still the same person and still evolving, I am changing how I choose to identify myself. Going forward, I will only refer to myself as an Energist. This word not only describes what I do as an energy worker, but also encompasses all of my Selves (vampire, lycanthrope, human).

My questions to you are:

  1. How do you personally define "predator"?
  2. How do you personally define "vampire"?
  3. Are either one or both of these words definitive of your complete being? 

I look forward to your answers!
Saturday, March 3, 2012


*This post is dedicated to Christi. Thank you for your love, friendship, acceptance, and encouragement to be ME!

I have been running through many different blog topics in my head lately but hadn't really felt that one stood out above the others. I find that maintaining a regular blogging schedule can be difficult for me as I need to be stimulated and passionate -- in the moment, so to speak.

In the past month, I have spent considerable time pondering the relationship between how society views vampires,therians, and otherkin (V/T/O) and the similarities between the often misunderstood lives of transgender individuals. The physical body, or as I refer to it, our "anchor", serves as a shell to the soul. As a Vampire, a Wolf, and a transman, the challenges of being in a body that does not match that of my heart, mind, and soul can be stressful, to say the least.

My sources of inspiration for this post are those who love me -- my friends and extended family. Revealing oneself as V/T/O is as trying as coming out of the transgender closet, so to speak. After many years of struggle with being an out and proud transman, as well as an outspoken advocate for the V/T/O community, I have "come into being", evolving to a state in which I have fully embraced myself in all capacities and am being embraced by those who I love.

Another source of inspiration was reading Justin MacGregor's blog post on Evolver entitled "Going Beyond Genders" in which his last two sentences truly spoke to me.

It's safe to say that almost everyone would benefit from moving through life with more simplicity of heart. The proper synthesis of both heart and head will allow us to transcend genders and coexist in harmony.

What Justin's post said to me was that we must all transcend not only gender, but move beyond the stereotypes that place limitations of our Being in general. Coexisting in harmony -- that means all gender variances, all soul variances, and all physical variances. In this process, we become One with each other and with the Universe, truly evolving into a more spiritually balanced individual.

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